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Agricultural Fence Installation

Agricultural fences or animal fences are used to contain animals and helps to keep them in or out of an area. They are made of different materials based on the terrain, location, and the type of animals they are meant to contain. Agricultural fences are also used to meet local jurisdiction requirements pertaining to livestock. Farm fencing is available in a wide range of materials, from wood to steel. If you’re interested in getting an agricultural fence installation project started, contact Royal Gate and Fence in Arroyo Grande today!

agricultural fencing horse fence

Agricultural Fence Types

Royal Gate and Fence can install a variety of agricultural fencing that can be customized to your terrain. Need help? Contact us with any questions or to get started on your fence project.

• Ranch Rail
• Electric Fence
• Horse Corrals
• Dog Runs

Benefits of Animal Fencing in Arroyo Grande, CA

Ensuring livestock and crops are always secured is essential. At Royal Gate and Fence, we can recommend and install farm fencing options to protect your animals, farm equipment, staff, produce, and more.

Protect Livestock

Livestock will wander until they encounter obstacles they cannot cross (ie. fencing). Our farm fence installers can install fencing that is designed specifically for the type of livestock you have.


Depending on your needs, agricultural fencing has some very affordable options. Speak to one of our friendly reps today.

Material Options

We offer a wide range of farm fence styles. This includes barbed wire, wooden, electric, steel, and more.

Pest Protection

Secure crops and animals against pests and intruders including deer, coyotes, rabbits, gophers, rats, and other pesky critters that can wreak havoc.

Quarantine Sick Animals

A separate fenced-off area where sick animals can recuperate and get the treatment they need without affecting the healthy animals.

Manage Your Land and Pastures

Maintain a feed supply by directing livestock towards a diverse range of feed options around your land. Prevent overgrazing or trespassing on your neighbor's land.

Flowers and Citrus
Flowers and Citrus

Why Choose Royal Gate and Fence for Agricultural Fencing?

At Royal Gate and Fence, we understand that farmers require different fencing options to secure and manage poultry, crops, and livestock. After a quick meeting, we can help you narrow your choice to the best options. Our fence installers are experts and are known for:

Faster Install Times

Get a San Luis Obispo County dedicated crew on your project fast. All we do is fencing and we don’t over-book.

Premium Materials & Methods

We use top-quality materials and construction methods proven to withstand our California seacoast climate.

Highly Trained Contractors

All of our contractors are trained experts with years of experience and provide excellent customer service. Fencing is what they do!

Friendly & Prompt Service

We are a family business interwoven into the Five Cities Community. We treat our customers like our community, because they are.

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