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Custom Gate Installation

Your fencing and property is only as secure as your gates. Royal Gate and Fence is one of the only companies in San Luis Obispo County to offer custom gates. Choose from a wide range of options to fit diverse budgets, as well as security and aesthetic requirements. We can help you assess the risk of a property invasion and recommend gates with access controls and security features that can work for you. If you’re interested in getting a custom security gate installed, contact Royal Gate and Fence in Arroyo Grande today for a quote!

custom driveway gates

Types of Gates

Royal Gate and Fence can install a wide variety of gate styles that can be customized to your new fence project or current fence. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to get started on your new gate project.

• Custom Wood Gates
• Custom Iron Gates
• Custom Aluminum Gates
• Custom Vinyl Gates

• Security Gates
• Electronic Gates
• Gate Openers & Accessories

Benefits of Getting a Custom Gate

Custom iron gates and even custom wood gates can provide selective access to people you trust on your property. With our range of access controls and equipment, your home, business, playground, and other property areas will remain secure against threats or trespassers. You should feel safe when you pull up to your home.

Secure Your Property

Thieves usually avoid homes and office buildings secured with large, automated custom gates. Gates also prevent pets and children from wandering outside.

Enhance Aesthetics

A custom gate can add a one-of-a-kind look to your property. At Royal Gate and Fence, we offer a wide range of custom gate options to fit your style.

Keep Wild Animals Out

A large gate can help keep pesky scavengers such as raccoons and possums out of your property. They also deter larger predators such as big cats and coyotes.

Reduce Your Insurance Premium

Security gates can actually help to reduce your insurance premiums. This is one aspect insurance companies look for when their customers apply for home insurance. We can provide automating and high-tech options that can ensure this.

Children and Pet's Safety

Property gates keep your children and pets contained in a safe place. With household gates, you don't have to constantly watch your yard while your kids are playing or your pets roaming.

Flowers and Citrus
Flowers and Citrus

Why Choose Royal Gate and Fence for Custom Gates Installation

Our team of custom gate installers promise a smooth and stress-free customer experience. Whether you're interested in a brand new custom-built gate or need to repair or enhance your existing gate, our professional gate installers will deliver top-quality workmanship.

Quick Install Times

We are one of the only San Luis Obispo County custom gate providers. As a local specialized provider, we can get your gate installed quickly.

Premium Materials & Methods

We only use top quality materials and accessories. Our construction methods are proven to withstand our California seacoast climate.

Highly Trained Contractors

All of our contractors are trained experts with years of experience, and provide outstanding service.

Friendly & Prompt Service

We are a family business interwoven into the Five Cities Community. We treat our customers like our community, because they are.

Custom Gate Gallery

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