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Vinyl Fence Installation

Gone are the days when wood and metal were the only fencing options available. Vinyl fencing is the new material on the block, and Royal Gate and Fence has a wide range of options available. Extremely durable and low-maintenance, it is little wonder why vinyl has become so popular with home and business owners. If you’re interested in getting a vinyl fence installation project started, contact Royal Gate and Fence in Arroyo Grande today!

vinyl fence installation Arroyo Grande, CA

Vinyl Fence Types

Choose from a wide variety of styles and options for your project. We offer the following vinyl fence types and products. Need help? Contact us, we’re happy to help you make the best and most informed decision for your fence.

• Vinyl Fences
• Vinyl Privacy Fences
• Vinyl Semi-Privacy Fences
• Vinyl Ranch Rail Fences

• Vinyl Specialty Fences
• Vinyl Railing
• Vinyl Post Caps
• Vinyl Gates

• Vinyl Gazebo
• Vinyl Glass Kits
• Vinyl Decking
• Vinyl Patio Covers

Benefits of Vinyl Fencing in Arroyo Grande, CA

Vinyl has revolutionized fencing and is growing increasingly popular throughout California. Here are just a few reasons why vinyl is becoming the material of choice for homeowners.

Extremely Low Maintenance

You don't need to stain or paint our vinyl fences to make them last for years. This fencing option requires little to no maintenance to remain pristine.

Easy to Clean

You don't need to take a harsh scrub or cleaning agent to remove mold or mildew from these fences. Mild soap and water will do just fine.

Vinyl Fences Don't Erode

Water your lawn as generously as you want to without worrying about getting your vinyl fence wet. No rotting, fading, or rusting.


Vinyl can be recycled, and melted down to make more vinyl. Reducing trash in our landfills.


Vinyl is durable and strong. In fact vinyl fencing is 5 times more tension durable, and 4 times as flexible compared to wood.


We offer a wide range of vinyl fence style options that can fit your aesthetic and custom needs. From picket styles with slats to lattice, privacy, and ranch styles, we can install them all!

Flowers and Citrus
Flowers and Citrus

Why Choose Royal Gate and Fence as Your Vinyl Fence Contractor?

Our team of professional fence builders takes things a step further by promising a smooth and stress-free customer experience. Whether you're interested in custom-built fences or you simply want to repair your current vinyl fence, our professional fence contractors will deliver top-quality workmanship.

Fast Installation

We exclusively do fencing, we have a dedicated crew based in San Luis Obispo County. This helps you get your fence faster.

Premium Materials & Methods

We use the best vinyl products, and construction methods proven to withstand our California seacoast climate.

Highly Trained Contractors

All contractors are expertly trained with years of experience and outstanding supervision. Fencing is what they do!

Friendly & Prompt Service

We’re a locally owned family business interwoven into the Five Cities Community. We treat our customers like a community, because they are our community.

Vinyl Fencing Gallery

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